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Our team of passionate marketing experts can help your business grow with innovative marketing solutions.


We keep it simple but efficient and this has made us the go-to choice for many individuals and brands.


We’re committed to delivering unmatched and quality service that you can rely on.


Our service delivers bespoke solutions that meet the needs of each client. So, we take our time to discuss your business.

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JAW Media are your local marketing experts. Based in Scunthorpe, we help businesses grow. We provide everything from video to web design, PPC to photography to help create the perfect marketing solution for you. We are a team of passionate experts that prides itself on an efficient, quality service that has made us the go-to choice for many individuals and brands.

We get you in front of your audience.

JAW Media was founded as a video production company. We understand that whilst having a great video you need a full-service. We don’t just start filming videos. Our philosophy of service advocates delivering bespoke solutions that meet the need of each client. So, we take our time to discuss your ideas, analyze your mission and audience before we create highly engaging content that captivates your audience. Our team takes away the entire hassle for you as we do everything from start to finish.

Our Full Service delivered to you

We plan, produce and publish...

Our approach is unique and second to none. We listen to you and direct you in the best way forward for your marketing. In a bid to take the entire hassle off your shoulders, our team creates everything for you saving you time, money and hassle. We strive to keep our clients in the picture and update them with progress reports as we work together.

The people we work with

"I would highly recommend JAW Media. They are such a professional talented company. We were very proud to work with JAW Media, when they produced the Fallen Hero video, of our 35th business anniversary charity dinner."
Des Comerford
Fallen Hero
"Your video is being very well received and is a great way of promoting this Lions project. We were very impressed with you and the way you took our project ideas on board and then skillfully guided us through the filming to deliver an excellent video."
Colin Ridley
Lions Club
"We are extremely impressed by the video which looks so beautifully cinematographic and poetic. The team managed to play such a crucial role during our wedding day, we couldn't be happier! Thanks to them our wedding looks like a Cannes golden palm!"
Robert Wells
Wedding Client
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